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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Two tier freedom to religion

Four Christian MPs have introduced a new bill on religious communities last Friday. The bill, which is to be a can be found here. The main points and problems:
- Freedom of religion is conceived exclusively as freedom to religion. The MPs seem to believe that choosing not to be religious equals not using one’s right to religious freedom. Also, the law neither stipulates the right not to disclose one’s religion nor the right not to participate in any religious activity. The bill does not forbid that e.g. a Catholic pupil attending a Jewish school is forced to participate in Jewish religious activities or vice versa, as long as s/he is free to pursue Catholic activities. Also, an institution could require all their staff to attend a religious service.
The principle of state-church separation is rather interpreted to mean that the state does not interfere in church issues (besides paying and granting prerogatives, of course), than as the state’s duty to religious neutrality.
- The bill ensures special protection to religious persons (regarding legal prosecution) as well as to sacral places, activities and symbols. This may pose problems regarding the freedom of speech, as criticism, satire and artworks may be limited in order to enforce this protection. Freedom of speech may also be limited if churches are to be protected by not allowing demonstrations (as happened in Spain).
- It becomes harder to register a religious community as church. 20 years of operation and 1000 adherents have to be presented, as well as a description of the teachings and rituals. To qualify, teaching must provide an overall world view and be directed towards something supernatural. According to the law, the state may not examine the teachings of any religion (the law retains the text form the former law of 1990), but the court will set up an experts’ committee to decide whether a denomination applying for church status really is one. According to the lawmakers, this means no limitation on the freedom of religion, as religious activities can be pursued also within simple civil organisations. That’s true, but it’s harder to do so if you don’t get all the perks, such as 1% of the income tax (similar to the 8 per mille in Italy), tax exemptions, and if you get only half as much state money for your schools and have no right to push your religious education in state schools.
Though the law stipulates that all churches are equal, some are more equal: 44 denominations are listed which will be re-registered as churches by the minister, while all others (ca. 140) will have to re-apply to keep their status.
- The financial prerogatives remain (of course): not only religious and social activities, but also the sale of religious knick-knack, sports activities, publishing, and selling of any material connected with these activities is not considered for profit. Also the letting of premises qualifies as non profit, if they are at least partly used for religious activities (build a hotel, put a prayer room in it and you don’t have to pay taxes – as in Italy). Taxpayers can offer 1% of their income tax to a church (that’s the “second 1%”, the first goes to any NGO). Tax exemptions will be regulated in a separate law.
- Also in the future, church schools and social institutions of churches will be de facto 100% state financed (while schools and social institutions maintained by non religious NGOs at present receive ca. 50% of their costs from the state). This was the main reason for NGOs running schools or homes to become churches.
- Churches have the right to use special criteria for hiring their staff, in order to maintain their religious identity.
- Churches are not required to disclose information containing private data to state authorities (confession secret). This is understandable (confession), but a bit alarming as to the recent past of the Catholic church.
- The bill gives churches the right to participate in the preparation of new legislation!
- Churches may teach their religion in state schools. The costs will be borne by the state.
- The law requires churches to comply with the constitutional rules. Which probably won’t be enforced, as hardly any church carries out its activities according to constitutional rules, e.g. those stipulating equal treatment…
- There is one positive item: if a church person provides services to a non member, they have to make clear that they are a church representative.
Also, there is another small positive item in the justification attached to the proposed legislation: when referring to the international context, the text mentions Europe’s cultural, religious and humanist past.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Less schools

There’s been a wave of state schools being handed over to churches lately, meaning that many pupils (and their parents) will have to decide whether they are willing to abide by the rules of some church or look for a new school. Read the rest of this entry »

Saturday, 1 January 2011

2011 in Hungary

On new year's eve, the president of Hungary, Mr Pál Schmitt has signed the new media law, which has already received much criticism also internationally.
The main points of criticism are the following:

- First of all, it is unclear what exactly defines as a transgression - or rather, about anything can be one: "Media content may not lend itself to openly or implicitly offend the feelings of persons, nations, communities, national, ethnic, linguistic and other minorities or any majority, or of churches or religious groups, or to exclude them." One can be sued not only for publishing lies but also for hurting anyone's feelings. 
 - The authority supervising all media content may sue on their own initiative, without anyone having complained of being offended.
- The penalties are so high that any online or national offline newspaper may be grounded by fining them. 
-The head of the media authority received legislative power.
The head of the media authority is by the way a Ms Annamária Szalai, who was named for a period of 9 years. In her former life, she edited a soft porn magazine - click here to view some samples.
- The state TV channels' news are all produced at one single place, the National New Agency (Magyar Távirati Iroda, MTI), with no news reporters remaining at the TV stations.
- The state media and their CEO's work are supervised by the above mentioned head of the media authority and a board consisting of 12 representatives appointed for 9 years also. The following institutions may delegate a representative: the catholic church, the reformed (Calvinist) church, the Lutheran church, the Jewish council, the academy of sciences (whose former and present president are notorious for their church subservience), the Hungarian Olympic committee (whose former president, the notoriously submissive Mr Pál Schmitt became president of the state), the rectors' conference, the chamber of commerce (whose head, Mr László Parragh is also notorious for backing Fidesz), the association of mayors (almost exclusively Fidesz), the associations of national minorities, the associations of Hungarians living in the neighboring countries, and associations representing families (I guess this will be the association of big families [Nagycsaládosok Országos Egyesülete] notorious also for their right wingness, including the notion that a woman who does not produce a kid every other year is worth less than nothing).

Parts of the new legislation has been introduced earlier this year, and Ms Szalai's office has already tried to sue the media. First of all the rather small Tilos Rádió, for airing a song by the rapper Ice-T, which is allegedly bad for kids. In their answer, Tilos Rádió pointed out that  1 or 2 kids speaking some English may have heard the song, but it is highly questionable whether their English is good enough to understand the text.

On Facebook, the Group One Million Hungarians for Press Freedom has compiled an international link list, which you find below, but visit their page anyway:!/pages/Egymillioan-a-magyar-sajtoszabadsagert/169854769717975?v=info 

Last update: 2010/12/26 17:18


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